Our Mission & Philosophy

Southstone Behavioral Health Hospital is Virginia’s leader in adolescent treatment. We employ a team of professionals committed to providing clinically proven treatment that is customized to meet the unique needs of each teen who seeks our care.

Our Mission

The mission that guides our approach to providing care at Southstone in South Boston, VA

Southstone’s mission is to provide services with compassion and integrity that impact children and their families in such a positive way that it truly changes their lives forever. The founding members of Southstone Behavioral Health crafted our mission through a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort in order to encompass the joint dedication and commitment we have to provide safe and quality care to the adolescents and families we serve. 

Our Vision

The vision of our treatment center in South Boston, VA

Southstone’s vision is to be the residential treatment provider of choice for adolescents who are in need of psychiatric care due to mental health diagnoses, specifically those stemming from trauma and attachment issues.

We strive to be the leading provider of trauma-informed care. We believe that our evidence-based program, comprehensive treatment services, educational components, and positive treatment outcomes set us apart and make us the optimal choice for adolescents and their families.

Our Philosophy

Our core beliefs about recovery 

Creating a path to recovery is at the center of everything we do at Southstone. We believe that long-term healing requires wraparound support that includes multiple facets of care. For this reason, we view parents and guardians as our partners, placing a focus on family engagement in each adolescent’s treatment process. Family involvement is crucial to an adolescent’s healing process, as the support of loved ones is instrumental in ensuring their success. 

Southstone Behavioral Health utilizes a highly structured, heavily supervised program that provides the framework for the day-to-day lives of the adolescents in our care. Southstone’s program is designed to reduce anxiety and stimulation for emotionally distressed adolescents, allowing them to learn self-regulation skills and self-control through a positively reinforced, structured program. The program is modeled on the principles and philosophies of basic behavior modification.   

We also believe that in order for adolescents to truly gain control of their symptoms, they must be given individualized, comprehensive treatment plans. These plans specifically outline their goals for treatment and the therapeutic interventions that will be used to help them achieve those goals. Customized treatment allows adolescents to thrive during their time in our care and prepares them to manage and cope once they leave our residential treatment center.