South Boston’s Leading ADHD Treatment Center for Adolescents

Southstone Behavioral Health Hospital is Virginia’s leader in ADHD treatment for adolescents. We employ a team of professionals committed to providing clinically proven treatment that is customized to meet the unique needs of each teen who seeks our care.

ADHD Treatment

Learn more about ADHD treatment at Southstone Behavioral Health in South Boston, VA

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition characterized by inattention and/or hyperactivity that impedes daily life and activities. Some people with ADHD sometimes struggle with social cues, while others have difficulty behaving in a manner appropriate to the situation.

ADHD is generally broken up into two types: inattention and hyperactivity and/or impulsivity. Some people who suffer from ADHD experience symptoms of only one type of the disorder, while others may experience symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity.

An adolescent who suffers from ADHD often struggles with paying attention to tasks at hand, listening and remembering information, following directions, sitting still for a long period of time, and keeping track of items (such as textbooks, cellphone, house keys, etc.). ADHD often results in forgetfulness due to the way that adolescents with this disorder process their environment. Young people struggling with ADHD tend to be easily distracted and overstimulated by their surroundings.

As a parent, it’s important to pay attention to the way your child interacts with the world around them—whether it be at school, at home, or with friends. Their external behavior is often an indicator of their internal world. It may become frustrating watching your child fail to complete their homework, forget to do household chores, or interrupt other adults when they are speaking. Yet, these may be just some of the behaviors that reveal your child’s need for treatment for ADHD.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for ADHD at Southstone Behavioral Health in South Boston, VA

Left unaddressed, ADHD symptoms can severely interfere with everyday life. ADHD can prove highly disruptive to daily tasks and activities, making it hard for your child to complete homework, take a test, engage in hobbies, or help around the house. Adolescents with ADHD may also take a longer time to complete tasks due to their distractibility. If untreated, ADHD may prevent your adolescent from succeeding in school, enjoying stable relationships, and remaining in good standing with authority figures.

The symptoms of untreated ADHD may not only make it hard for your child to complete everyday tasks, but they may also reduce your child’s quality of life. Sometimes those with ADHD have difficulty controlling their impulses, which can lead to a host of behavioral consequences.

Yet through treatment at Southstone in South Boston, Virginia, your child can learn to manage symptoms of ADHD. At our residential treatment center, our compassionate staff will meet your child where they are at and provide them with care that is most suitable for their needs. When your child receives treatment for ADHD at Southstone, they learn lifelong skills for how to cope with their distractions and minimize potentially harmful effects of the disorder.

Southstone offers clinically excellent care in a safe, serene environment in southern Virginia. Quietly situated on 220 acres of rural land, Southstone serves as a home away from home for adolescents and teens ages 11-17. It is in a peaceful environment like Southstone’s that young people with ADHD can escape the distractions of everyday life and focus solely on their treatment.

Our staff is passionate about treating adolescents and providing them with the most appropriate care based on their condition. Each guest of Southstone is assigned a treatment team, or a multidisciplinary group of qualified mental health professionals. Your child will collaborate directly with their treatment team to form what is known as a treatment plan, or a detailed document of objectives for their recovery. This plan of care will consist of realistic, attainable goals for your adolescent to work toward during their stay with us. Your child’s treatment plan will include a variety of therapeutic opportunities and educational modules that are customizable given their developing needs throughout their time with us. Your adolescent’s treatment plan will also feature a comprehensive discharge plan for when it is time for them to leave our campus.

Types of Treatment

Types of ADHD treatment offered at Southstone Behavioral Health in South Boston, VA

At Southstone, located in South Boston, Virginia, our residential programming occurs in a safe, structured, and supportive environment. We offer a variety of treatment services and therapeutic modalities to meet the unique needs of our guests. While each adolescent follows their own treatment plan, your child’s time at Southstone may include the following elements:

  • Diagnostic screenings and evaluations
  • Medication management services
  • Community-based activities
  • Family therapy
  • Special education
  • Vocational education
  • Group therapy
  • Speech-language services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Recreational activities
  • Individual therapy

If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, feel free to contact Southstone at your convenience. We are available 24/7. One of our team members will be happy to answer your questions.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for ADHD

Southstone is committed to preparing young people to use the skills they learned during treatment once they return home. It is imperative for adolescents to continually practice the therapeutic tools and coping skills they acquired with us to manage ADHD symptoms after leaving our care. We equip our guests for success during treatment and provide them with the tools necessary for long-term recovery.

We believe that a discharge plan is just as important as a treatment plan, so we provide the adolescents in our care with resources to continue their treatment journey at home. Upon completion of your child’s time with us, you and your child will receive a comprehensive discharge, or aftercare, plan. A discharge plan serves as a guide for continued recovery. Your child’s treatment team creates their discharge plan as soon as they begin care with us. Like the treatment plan, we adjust your adolescent’s discharge plan is adjusted throughout their stay as their needs and goals may change.

Your child’s discharge plan will contain specific details on how to get the support they need after they leave our care. Their discharge plan may contain referrals for step-down support and traditional outpatient services. Southstone maintains contacts with other professionals throughout Virginia who aid in the process of determining proper aftercare resources for departing adolescents. We also remain in contact with each child and their family for the following six months after they leave our care, ensuring the stability of their discharge plan.

If you believe that your child may be suffering from ADHD and could benefit from residential care at our treatment center, please call Southstone today.