South Boston’s Leading Suicidal Ideation Treatment Center for Adolescents

Southstone Behavioral Health Hospital is Virginia’s leader in suicidal ideation treatment for adolescents. We employ a team of professionals committed to providing clinically proven treatment that is customized to meet the unique needs of each teen who seeks our care.

Suicidal Ideation Treatment

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Any adolescent who experiences suicidal ideation should be brought to the attention of a qualified mental or behavioral healthcare provider. In some cases, adolescent suicidal ideation can be a symptom of a mental or behavioral health disorder. In other cases, thoughts of suicide may develop in response to stress, pressure, or certain other external factors. Regardless of why an adolescent has been experiencing thoughts of suicide, effective professional treatment is necessary.

At Southstone Behavioral Health, adolescents ages 11-17 can receive comprehensive residential treatment for suicidal ideation. Each adolescent who heals at our suicidal ideation treatment center in South Boston, Virginia, completes a thorough assessment to identify the full scope of their needs. This assessment allows our treatment team to develop a personalized treatment plan for each adolescent who is entrusted to our care.

In addition to offering an individualized experience to each adolescent who heals with us, we also place great emphasis on incorporating parents, guardians, and other caregivers into treatment. We understand that adolescent suicidal ideation can have a profound impact on the entire family, and we also appreciate the important role that loved ones can play in the effort to help an adolescent overcome thoughts of suicide.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for suicidal ideation at Southstone Behavioral Health in South Boston, VA

Important note: If you believe that your child or another adolescent is in immediate danger of suicide, call 911, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or summon a local emergency responder.

Once your child is out of imminent danger, you can evaluate treatment options for adolescents who have been struggling with suicidal ideation.

Clearly, the risk that your child may act on their thoughts of suicide is the most significant concern. But the impact of untreated suicidal ideation is not limited to the danger that an adolescent will attempt to end their own life. For example, adolescents who struggle with suicidal ideation may withdraw from family and friends. Their resultant isolation can deprive them of essential interpersonal support at a time when it is most needed.

Adolescents who have been having thoughts of suicide may also be at risk for additional mental and physical health challenges. If their suicidal ideation is a symptom of a mental or behavioral health disorder, failing to get effective treatment can cause other symptoms of these disorders to become more severe. Thoughts of suicide may prompt adolescents to neglect their physical well-being. Poor diet, substandard levels of exercise, and disrupted sleep patterns can lead to an array of physical health problems and can also contribute to worsening mental health.

When an adolescent receives effective residential treatment for suicidal ideation, they can experience profound improvements in the substance and quality of their life. In addition to eliminating the risk that they may harm themselves, residential treatment for suicidal ideation can empower young people to achieve improved health, develop better coping skills, and make significant gains in many other areas of their life.

If your child has been experiencing thoughts of suicide, Southstone Behavioral Health may be the optimal treatment environment. Our suicidal ideation treatment center in South Boston, Virginia, offers a broad scope of evidence-based, research-supported interventions, customized to provide maximum benefit to each young person.

Types of Treatment

Types of suicidal ideation treatment offered at Southstone Behavioral Health in South Boston, VA

Adolescents who have been struggling with suicidal ideation deserve comprehensive, personalized treatment. At Southstone Behavioral Health, young people who have been having thoughts of suicide receive exactly this type of care. When you choose our suicidal ideation treatment center in South Boston, Virginia, you and your child will work with a team of experienced and compassionate professionals who are committed to providing the focused services that promote long-term healing.

Depending upon your child’s unique strengths, needs, and goals, their customized treatment plan may include the following elements:

  • Diagnostic screenings and evaluations
  • Medication management
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Special education services
  • Vocational education
  • Recreational activities
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language services
  • Physical therapy
  • Community-based activities

To learn more about how Southstone Behavioral Health can help adolescents who have been struggling with thoughts of suicide, or for additional information about any aspect of our programming, please contact us today. A member of our team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you determine if our treatment center is the perfect place for your child.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for suicidal ideation

Treatment at Southstone Behavioral Health can be an essential experience for adolescents who have been struggling with thoughts of suicide. But we understand that the time that a young person spends at our treatment center in South Boston, Virginia, will be just one part of their recovery journey.  

To ensure that each adolescent is best prepared to experience sustained success following their time with us, we employ a thorough discharge planning process. This process begins the day your child enters treatment with us. By the time your child is ready to transition out of our care, our team will have prepared the personalized plan that will guide your child’s continued progress. 

Depending upon a host of individual factors, your child’s discharge plan may include a referral for step-down programming, information about community-based services, connections with peer or family support groups, and other valuable resources. As with all elements of your child’s treatment for suicidal ideation at our center in South Boston, Virginia, their discharge plan will be customized to meet their unique needs. 

For more information about discharge planning, continuing care after treatment for suicidal ideation, or any other services at Southstone Behavioral Health, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.