South Boston's Premier Residential Adolescent Treatment Center for Trauma and Attachment-Focused Care

Cutting-edge standards of care. Proven therapies.

We collaborate with all involved to promote success, improve quality of life, and encourage a smooth transition back into home, school, and/or community.

Welcome to Southstone Behavioral Health

Why Choose Southstone

Southstone Behavioral Health in South Boston, Virginia, is a place of hope and healing for adolescents who have been experiencing difficulties at home, in school, or within their community as a result of mental health challenges.

When you choose Southstone for your child, you will work with a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals. Your child’s personalized treatment plan will include an array of customized therapeutic opportunities as well as a dynamic educational component.

Every step of the way, you and your child will have the answers, information, and support you need, provided in an atmosphere of the utmost dignity and respect.

Taking The First Step

Southstone Behavioral Health serves adolescents ages 11-17 whose lives have been disrupted by one or more mental health disorders, with a specialized focus on young people who have been struggling with trauma- or attachment-related concerns.

We are also prepared to provide personalized services to adolescents whose mental health challenges are accompanied by substance abuse and addiction.

At Southstone, we understand how an adolescent’s mental health struggles can impact the entire family, and we appreciate the important role that loved ones can play during and after treatment. For these reasons, we are committed to working closely with parents and other caregivers throughout their child’s time with us.

What To Expect

Each young person who heals at Southstone Behavioral Health follows a personalized treatment plan that is based on a thorough assessment of their strengths, needs, and goals. Individualized care at Southstone includes clinically superior therapeutic services and highly supportive academic programming.

Southstone is a safe, highly structured, and extremely supportive environment. We promote the development of healthy attitudes and positive behavior patterns, and we work diligently to help our guests identify and correct the distorted perspectives or self-defeating mindsets that may have contributed to their struggles.

Throughout each adolescent’s time at Southstone, we encourage them to work in active collaboration with members of their treatment team, and we empower them to take ownership of their recovery to the greatest degree possible.